Outsoles contain Skywalker’s famous cry, “Nooooo!!!”

adidas has another Star Wars collaboration in store for fans. This time around, the footwear label looks to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise’s most critically acclaimed film, The Empire Strikes Back.

Main protagonist Luke Skywalker is the chosen character inspiration for the new pair of Stan Smiths, seen here in a streamlined white and blue colorway. The blue reflects the color of Skywalker’s lightsaber and the white looks to be a call out for Cloud City, the place where Skywalker finally finds out his true connection to Darth Vader.

Playing upon that scene is the unforgettable yell, “Nooooo!!!” which happens after Skywalker and Vader face-off and the reveal unfolds. That cry is spelled out on the outsoles of the shoes.

Additionally, the insoles also have a film still of Skywalker alongside the franchise’s logo and the sneaker brand’s insignia. Those who purchase the shoes will get pins of R2d2, Yoda, an X-Wing and a lightsaber.

Ultimately, the sneaker design is as clean as it gets for a sci-fi-inspired silhouette but true fans should enjoy the collectible aspect of the delivery — the galaxy-printed box and Star Wars lace doubraes included.

The adidas Stan Smith Luke Skywalker shoe retails for $120 USD and will release on Thursday, July 23 10AM EDT on adidas’ official site.