They’re currently on sale for less than $50.

As we spend more time at home, taking quick breaks outdoors can benefit our mood and our health. Whether you’re going for a walk or soaking up some sun in your backyard, your daily breath of fresh air can be even more enjoyable with the right pair of shoes.

If you’re looking for sneakers that are both comfortable and easy to style, Skechers told Shop TODAY that its popular GOWalk line is consistently a top seller for the brand.

“Skechers GOwalk shoes are usually among Skechers’ top 10 bestselling shoes,” a spokesperson for the brand told Shop TODAY. “Skechers GOwalk 5 and Skechers GOwalk Joy currently lead the way thanks to their ultra-lightweight designs, responsive cushioning and supportive insoles.”

Not only is it currently a bestseller on Amazon, but many of its features are expert approved.

Skechers GoWalk Joy

“These are the most fabulously comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” one reviewer wrote.

Skechers has the expert seal of approval

Dr. Ettore Vulcano, chief of orthopedic foot and ankle surgery at Mount Sinai West, told Shop TODAY that Skechers is a brand he regularly recommends to his patients because its shoes typically meet his requirements for great footwear. For instance, he loves that they feature a stiff outer sole.

“A shoe shouldn’t be too flimsy because it transmits too much of the stress from the outside environment directly onto the bones,” Vulcano told us. “So if you’ve got a nice, thicker outer sole, it actually acts as good shock absorption.”

He also loves the shoes are made with a cushiony insole.

“That provides extra shock absorption and it just feels nice and comfortable, almost feels like walking on a gummy bear,” he said.

Vulcano also notes that the shoes come in a variety of widths, which is perfect for people who need extra room for their toes to stretch out and breathe — especially if you typically wear narrow dress shoes. Lastly, he loves that the GOWalk line doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort.

“A lot of the comfortable shoes are not pretty and a lot of the pretty are not necessarily comfortable,” Vulcano said. “Skechers I think offers good value … You can use them for walking shoes and they would do pretty well as a work shoe as well.”

The GOWalk line is designed to be durable

The lightweight shoe features two cushioning systems that aim to make each step more comfortable than the last. The brand told Shop TODAY that they feature high-rebound technology in the insole and underfoot that is crafted to maintain the shoe’s cushion, no matter how often you wear them. The knit mesh upper and the cooling insole are also breathable, so you won’t have to worry about giving your feet a break as the months get warmer.

Reviewers love them

Nearly 70% of Zappos customers gave the shoe a five-star rating, and many of them can’t stop raving about how comfortable they are.

“If you’ve never worn Skechers Go Walk, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you want a shoe that’s really comfortable … no break-in period, no getting used to them … then this shoe should be great for you,” one verified purchaser wrote.