It shows new social distancing protocols and lots of clearance sales.

T.J. Maxx stores have started reopening across the country with new protocols amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you want to know what you might expect when your local store opens its doors, this TikTok tour takes you through a newly reopened T.J. Maxx in Tennessee.

@annasudsyTJ MAXX WALKTHROUGH! It’s open in my state. Check out what you can expect when yours does too. ✨ ##tjmaxx ##homegoods##tjmaxxwithdrawals

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The beginning of Anna Sudsy’s (@annasudsy) video shows one-way arrow signage on the floor to help promote social distancing.

The video then shows lots of candles, which Sudsy says are “just as lovely and fragrant as they were before.” Next, you see rows of suitcases that have been marked down. Sudsy says that almost all the handbags she saw have a clearance sticker. Other marked down items? Four racks of shoes, almost all clothing, furniture, and seasonal items, including flowers. So it looks like basically everything is on sale. At the end of the video, she shows social distancing markers in a checkout line to help keep customers six feet apart.

In addition to social distance signage, what other new safety protocols should be in place?

In a press release, TJX, the parent company of T.J. Maxx, announced that stores are installing protective shields at cash registers, implementing new processes for handling returns and cleaning high-touch surfaces throughout the day.

Associates will be required to wear face masks and “implement social distancing work practices.” The press release also says that TJX “expect[s]” all of its customers to wear face coverings when shopping in its stores.

If your local store hasn’t reopened yet or you don’t want to shop IRL, T.J. Maxx’s e-commerce site is back up and running. But you’ll want to browse early because the online store has a daily order limit.