It churns out cubes in seconds.

Cutting a watermelon into cubes just got a whole lot easier. People on TikTok are obsessing over a tool that cuts watermelon in seconds, and seasoned watermelon eaters need to get their hands on one.

TikToker @corripowell posted a video showing how the tool works that has almost 3.5 million views. No caption was necessary. Basically, all you have to do is push the stainless steel tool into a watermelon that is cut in half and sliced again on one end. Then, a fan-like slicer on the end of the tool will chop the watermelon into cubes.

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The tool, made by the brand Yueshico, comes with a ruler to help measure watermelon cubes up to two centimeters.

It features rounded edges and non-sharp blades, so it’s kid-friendly. The glorious gadget is available on Amazon for $12.77, and it’s eligible for Prime shipping. Along with the tool, you’ll receive a melon baller to scoop out any watermelon edges that the tool can’t turn into cubes.

Watermelon Slicer

In the comments section of the TikTok video, people who tried the tool out shared their thoughts. “[This is] the best thing I have bought because of TikTok,” one person wrote. “Honestly it’s easy and cleaner to use,” another person commented.

A few people chimed in to say the gadget looks harder to use because you have to put a little force into it, but hey, it looks like a more thrilling way to cut a watermelon either way!

That’s what really matters, right?